At the Corrective Clinic, physiotherapy is about more than quick fixes to relieve pain and tension. We combine all physical treatment therapies with our hands-on and educative approach to empower you to maintain a level of health that is pain free.

We work with the physically active to the chronically injured, from the neck through to the feet, from professional athletes to the active individual. Whatever sport or activity is your passion we can help you to improve your performance. Our approach to your health is based on proven research around what works best to heal your body. We combine exercise, manipulation, mobilisation, stretching, massage, trigger point release and Pilates to cater to you health needs

Your initial assessment will last 60 minutes and our practitioner will conduct a thorough examination of your issue, from examining your range of movement to understanding how it affects your life. This will allow us to provide you with a diagnosis and develop a recovery plan.

Follow-up sessions can be between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your schedule and availability. Our approach will focus on exercising to re-correct your movement in combination with the other specialties mentioned above to reduce tension and improve mobility through your entire structure.

We believe that educating you about how your body moves and re-training it will reduce your issue from returning. We have found that when an individual is empowered to manage their own health, they can fast-track their improvement and sustain their health for longer.