Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation / Functional Training

At the Corrective Clinic we believe that exercise is the key to your long term health management. We use exercise to reconnect the body to control itself with movement and reduce pain. We work one-on-one to teach you about your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your flexibility, strength and functional movement.

We work from your base level, making sure that all areas of your core are active, able to hold your limbs and sustain pain free functional movement. As physiotherapists, we apply biomechanical principles to address your injury through exercise – whether you are re-learning how to walk or properly get out of a chair to shaving a few extra seconds off your sprint time. We can help you.

Exercise also has the positive side effect of reducing stress, building strength, power and endurance as well as assisting with weight management.

We have our own on-site gym and rehabilitation facility so we can work with you in the right environment to meet your exercise goals. We also work with local trainers and fitness professionals.

If you are already working with a trainer we can provide them with guidance around your current issues and specific do’s and don’t to maximise your fitness regime.