Nutrition is a powerful tool to get the most out of your rehabilitation, training and recovery.  Whether you are looking to aid injury recovery,  want extra help to guide everyday eating or to fuel your sports performance, our registered nuttition professional will be a plan to meet your needs and goals.

An initial assessment will take an hour, and is conducted to assess your initial goals and record your baseline measurements.  From there, an action plan will be constructed based on your lifestyle, dietary preferences and any allergies or special needs.  The action plan will encompass improvements to your current eating, education around the basic principles of nutrition and better alignment of your meal patterns to your lifestyle and goals.

Follow up sessions are 30 minutes and build on the initial treatment plan, track progress and tailor your nutrition to align with any new goals.

Whether you are looking for a specifically tailored meal plan or just wanting to learn more about how you can improve your nutrition, we will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.