Muscle Balance

Muscle Balance

  • Been carrying the same injury for months or years?
  • Have an injury you just can’t shake?
  • In a chronic state of pain?

Then this may be the assessment tool for you.

A muscle balance assessment is a holistic assessment of your body and your life. It starts with a head-to-toe assessment of your bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, basic core and functional movements. We also look at your sleep patterns, eating habits, work-life balance and analyse why your body’s ability to heal has been impeded.

This assessment will give you a complete analysis of what is happening in your body, why you are in pain and why you haven’t been able to resolve the issue.

Based on the assessment we can provide recommendations on how you can break the cycle of injury and pain, including exercise, massage, education and at-home programs. We can support you to achieve your goals in our on-site rehabilitation facility.

If you are already working with other health professionals, the assessment can be used as a guide to support your health and training team as part of your recovery.